A true fairy tale wedding: The 35th wedding anniversary of Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Thirty-five years ago today Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. Their made their vows to each other in front of 750 million people world wide. If you’re like me, you weren’t one of those millions of people watching the wedding of the century because you weren’t born yet, so lets break it down together.

The dress:

Like any wedding, the wedding dress is always a focal point, and this was no exception. Princess Diana wore a gown designed by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel made of taffeta, lace. It was embellished with sequins, and 10,000 pearls with a 25 foot train.  The train was also made of taffeta and lace, with the lace being from a dress owned by Queen Mary of Teck, the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II . The dress was valued at $12,000 in 1981, which is roughly $41,000 today. This dress sparked trends in the wedding industry, with brides and bridesmaids around the world requesting full skirts and puffed sleeves.

The bouquet:

On her wedding day, Princess Diana had a bouquet of cascading flowers that looked like they were picked fresh from the garden. The bouquet was bursting with gardenias, orchids, lily of the valley, fresias, and stephanotis flowers.

The tiara:

Every princess has a tiara, and I’m sure you have one too (don’t lie, we’re friends now, we can tell each other the truth). But nothing can compare to the stunning tiara worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day. This tiara belonged to the Spencer family, and has roots traced back to the Tudor period.

The vows:

Princess Diana was an amazing woman. She was a humanitarian, helping change the perception of diseases. She was actively involved in raising awareness of diseases such as leprosy and aids and to increase the quality of life of disadvantaged people. She was making changes to the lives of these people, but she was also making changes in women’s rights. The traditional vows would have required Princess Diana to “obey” her husband, but as per her request, this was omitted from her vows. Instead, she vowed to “love, comfort, honor, and keep”. This of course sparked conversation as she was a public figure who would not say that she would obey her husband.

Princess Diana was a wonderful woman. She was a beautiful bride, but an even more beautiful person. She definitely had a wedding to remember, but it is her humanitarianism and beautiful soul that make her memorable today.

Originally posted July 29, 2016

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