First Dance Friday: From the Ground Up

First Dance Friday is our way to tell you about the songs we are loving for your first dance. Each week we will feature a new song so make sure you keep checking back to see our latest recommendations.

For the first edition of First Dance Fridays, we are going to introduce you to “From the Ground Up” by Dan + Shay. Dan + Shay are a country duo who debuted in 2014. You might be saying “I don’t like country music” and scroll by this, but it’s not like that, please stay! I absolutely LUUHHOOVVEE this song, and I hope you will too!

From the Ground up is everything that the romantic bride or groom wants their first dance song to be. It is a song about true love. It is about your life and the love you have for each other now, and how that will grow and change in your lives together after your wedding day.

The song also references traditional wedding vows: through the good and the bad, for better or for worse, so, like a no brainer.

I mean, did I convince you yet? What better way to kick off your reception and your life together than with a song that is so inclusive of your family members, your promises to each other, and the foundation of love you have that will only grow from this day on?

Do you want to hear it yet? If you answered no to this question, please return to the beginning of my post and read it again, you obviously weren’t paying attention.

Okay, I think you’re ready now, here it is!

 Now that you have a general idea of the song, let’s go through our favourite parts!

And we’ll build this love from the ground up, for worse or for better, and I will all you need beside you I’ll stand, through the good and the bad we’ll give all that we have (3:23)

This is the chorus of the song, so we get to hear it more than once! This is the heart and soul of the song. Your love for each other is going to survive through your best and worst times and you’ll do it together.

Build our own family one day at a time, 10 little toes, a painted pink room, our beautiful baby looks just like you (0:38)

 This part of the song projects to your future together and your growing love. Maybe it extends to a baby, or a furbaby if that’s not your thing, but there’s just a lot of love okay!

Someday we’ll wake up with thousands of pictures, 65 years in this little house, I won’t trade for nothing, the life that we built, I’ll kiss you goodnight and say I love you still (3:04)

This brings the song full circle, making reference back to the grandparents at the beginning of the song. Just like their parents, and their grandparents, their love will last a lifetime.

Do you love our suggestion, or have one of your own? Let us know in the comments!

Originally posted on September 9, 2016


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