First Dance Friday- Over and Over Again

Welcome back! Another week of wedding planning has come and gone and it’s finally Friday again! So crack open the bottle of wine, and let’s dive into this week’s pick for #FirstDanceFriday.

I hope you’ve read our first recommendations for From the Ground Up, and Still Falling for You, and you’re back for more! As always, if you have suggestions for a song you’re loving that you want us to feature, let us know because we are always looking for new ideas and want to give you what you want, because we’re super awesome like that!

And we’re off. Drum roll please… no, it’s okay I get it, I regretted it as soon as I said it.

Our First Dance Friday pick for this week is Over and Over Again by Nathan Skyes and Ariana Grande.

Over and Over Again is a romantic ballad that embodies two sides of a love story, one from Skyes, and one from Grande. Just like there are two main elements in your relationship, yourself and your partner, there are two love stories in this song. But if a duet isn’t what you’re looking for in your first dance song, or you just love the emotion behind Nathan Skyes’s voice, he also has this single recorded alone.

Take a listen to the song, we’re going to just get a quick refill!

And I won’t leave you, always be true, one plus one, two for life, over and over again (0.44) by Nathan or (1.58) by Ariana

You and your partner are in this till death do you part. You just committed yourselves to each other in front of your family and friends, and now you are married! It’s the two of you together from this day forward, and there is nothing that makes you happier in your life than that person dancing with you at this moment.

Just put your heart in my hands. I promise it won’t get broken, we’ll never forget this moment. We’ll stay brand new cause I’ll love you over and over again (2.25)

You are now responsible for another person’s heart. That is a huge responsibility, and it might be scary, but you got this! You will never forget your wedding day and the way that you feel at this moment. The love you have for each other will grow stronger and stronger each day. Each day brings new experiences and challenges, but your love will persevere as long as you have each other.

From the way you smile, to the way you look, you capture me like no other, from the first hello, yeah, that’s all it took, and suddenly we had each other (0.29)

Maybe it was a quick smile, or a look that first brought the two of you together. You can probably still remember it. Maybe it brings a smile to your face, or a flutter in your heart, but nothing can make you feel as special or as loved as your new husband or wife! In a blink of an eye you went from noticing that little sparkle in their eye, to being here, in the middle of the dance floor, with Nathan Skyes and Ariana Grande serenading you as you have your first dance together as a married couple, and that’s pretty amazing!

There you have it. Another love song for the books! I hope you love our selection for this week. Have something to add? A favourite part that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


Originally posted September 23, 2016


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