First Dance Friday: Still Falling For You

Welcome back to First Dance Friday! I hope you liked our post from last week, as always, if you have a song idea to be featured leave it in the comments.

First Dance Friday is a way for us to help you choose your first dance song. So nice of us right? Each week we will showcase a new song that we are loving and break it down for you.

For this week, we have Still Falling for You by Ellie Goulding on repeat. This song is also featured in the new Bridget Jones movie.. so double points for us!

This song is more upbeat than some of the other first dance songs you may have been listening to, but it still gives us all the feels. The main message behind this song is that even though you and your bae have been together for weeks/months/years… however long you’ve been together, you are still falling in love with them everyday, and that is the best message to share with your first dance. You will love each other more and more everyday, and you are gliding across the dance floor more in love now than ever, and you deserve the spotlight for that!

Go ahead and listen to the song, it’s okay, we’ll wait!

Great right! And some McDreamy never hurts either!

And just like that. All I breathe, All I feel, You are all for me, I’m in (1:08)

You’re in it baby. You said your vows, and your actually married! When you first get engaged it’s like your wedding day is so far away, but you blink and there you are, in the middle of the dance floor, embracing your new best friend.  You’re in this together, and you are each other’s everything.

It took us a while, with every breath a new day. With love on the line we’ve had our share of mistakes. But all your flaws and scars are mine, still falling for you (0:48)

Imagine you are standing on the dance floor on your wedding day. Was it easy to get there, probably not, but was it worth it? Damn right! Your relationship evolves everyday, and sure you mess up, but you work through it, because the love you have for each other gets you through.

No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do. Still falling for you (2:37)

No one knows you better than your husband or wife standing with you on your wedding day. There isn’t another person who knows how to give you the boost of confidence you need before an interview, or to be there to help you pick up the pieces when you get bad news. The relationship you have is more than just the wedding today when everything is fun and easy (thanks of course to your wedding planner), it is also about the hard stuff that you can only get through together.

I hope you loved our song choice for this week as much as we do. Go see Bridget and McDreamy and when this song plays in the movie you can image you and your sweetheart dancing the night away and more in love than ever.

Do you agree with our choice? Have a suggestion of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Originally posted September 16, 2016


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