The 5 Second Rule.. not just for food

So we have all heard of, and debated the 5 second rule. If we drop food on the floor, we have 5 seconds to pick it up and eat it, and the dirt and germs kindly wait 5 seconds for us to dash and grab it and shove it in our mouths.

Well the 5 second rule isn’t just for food anymore.

You may have read the article on Brides or Huffington Post, but if not, then take a quick read now!

During your wedding reception, after you are officially announced and Mr. and Mrs (or Mr and Mr, or Mrs and Mrs #loveislove), the author of the article says that you should pause before walking back down the aisle. And the magic number of seconds to wait is, you guessed it, 5. Waiting for these 5 seconds not only works as a photo op for your photographer and guests (unless you are having an unplugged ceremony of course), it allows you a moment to stand in front of your closest friends and family, seeing them smiling lovingly back at you.

Allowing yourself this time to take in this moment of pause on your wedding day allows this memory to be more vivid when you think back to your wedding day years after it is over. Taking this small pause gives you a second to breathe, to stand there as a newly married man or woman with pride, and overwhelming love and joy.

If you are planning to do the 5 second pause be sure to tell your future husband or wife so they don’t start dancing back down the aisle without you. Also be sure to tell your photographer so they can capture the looks on your faces as you turn around as a newly married couple full of love and gratitude.

Originally posted October 6, 2016


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