First Dance Friday: Autograph

Welcome back my pretties! I’m sure you are frantically getting the last minute Pinterest details for your halloween costume. Only a few hours to go to be Instagram ready, so lets get to it. If you are reading this, you are here for this week’s song suggestion, and boy are we glad you’re here. We have been doing First Dance Fridays for a few weeks now, but if you haven’t been following along, and you already have your costume ready (you go Glen Coco), then you can go read what you’ve missed.

Our first dance song for this week is Autograph by Dallas Smith.  Smith is a Canadian (woot woot!) who you may know from the hit song Cheap Seats, or from his appearance on The Bachelorette Canada After Show. You may also recognize his voice from the band Default. Whether you’ve heard of him or not, you’re about to now!

You look like some kind of star on the hood of my car (1:13)

You’re a smoke show, let’s not try to pretend your not. And of course he didn’t fall for you because of that, it’s because you are the love of his life and are a beautiful person inside and out, but right now, we’re talking about the out. And unless you rented (or own) a fancy car that you would be sitting on at some point during your wedding day (we don’t know anything about this, so if you do and want to share your story over coffee let us know!) we will just pretend that this is you walking down the aisle. Because baby you’re a star!

I’d change your autograph, I’d put my name on you and I’d put a big old ring on your left hand so everybody knew (1:34)

Changing your autograph is such a cute way to say that you are changing your last name (but power to you if you choose not to do that #GirlPower), and it sort of makes us feel famous right? Sitting in your Roots pants reading this while you probably have other stuff you need to be doing doesn’t make you sound famous, but change your autograph.. did someone say Kardashian? And a big old ring? Yes please! But this is such a sweet way to say that you are going to wear a ring so people know that you are married now, sorry guy at the bar, you’re too late.

I’d change your autograph so everybody knows, everybody sees, everywhere you go that you’re with me  (1:56)

You just signed your marriage certificate, and its official, you’re married! Congratulations! We know it took a lot of work to get here. So many things in your life are going to be changing, and if you decided to change your last name, that also includes your signature now. We assume you’ve been practicing signing your name in this new way (and your name if you had married Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys in the 90s, don’t lie, we know you did it), so the autograph has already been perfected for the world to see it as you go on in your new lives together!

Sun going down, edge of town, one knee on the ground, I’d change your autograph (2:25)

Today you are standing in the spot light, maybe with a fog machine, and maybe with this song playing as you dance with your new husband. While you are dancing, maybe you are thinking about the way he proposed to you. This journey that you are on all started from one bent knee, and one promise.

I’m the lucky one with heaven on my arm (2:18)

The ring on your hand, and the new, (but practised) autograph are all thats needed to show the world that you are married! Isn’t is so crazy! This is one of the sweetest lines of the song to be told that someone is lucky to have you on their arm, I mean, the sweetest. And the heaven on his arm that he’s talking about, that’s you! Remember when we told you that you looked like some kind of star, we weren’t lieing. You’re a queen, and he’s lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have each other.

Overall, this song has a very simple message, your main man is going to change your autograph, and he’s damn proud that he’s going to do it. And what other message would you want to send on your wedding day? You are getting married for a reason, and you are the light of each other’s lives. You are the food the waiter is carrying, it isn’t for the other table, it’s for you. Although the song has a simple message, it is clear and powerful and shows the devotion you have for each other.

That’s all for us today, go finalize your costume now, you’re running out of time!

Until next week. Cheers!

Originally posted: October 28, 2016


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