First Dance Friday: Lifer

Just like that it’s Friday again! I’m sure that the long weekend and all that turkey was partly to thank for that. I hope you got to check some things off your wedding checklist during this short week, and if selecting a first dance song was on that list, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve been following us on our journey over the weeks, or just discovered us, First Dance Fridays is our curated list of love songs that we think will be perfect for your first dance. This isn’t the list you’ll find on every other site, we are looking for options for you outside the classics. And we aren’t hating on the classics, they are classics for a reason, but if you were choosing a classic, you wouldn’t need our help.

So let’s get started shall we. Grab a glass of whatever you’re drinking (over here it’s a frapp, because Starbucks is life), and put your wedding imagination glasses on and follow along with us as we explore this week’s pick, Lifer by Florida Georgia Line.

Florida Georgia Line is Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley united in a powerhouse country duo that has been topping the country charts since 2012. Today’s song is from their third album (all of them are great by the way, you should totally listen to them) Dig Your Roots. You may have seen pictures from Hubbard’s dreamy wedding in 2015, we’ll show you one, but after that you’re going to have to go obsessively search it for yourself here

(Photo from People Magazine)

#Couplegoals am I right?

Now they have you have nice visual inspiration, let’s listen to the song!

If you want to listen to it again, go ahead, we don’t mind!

Baby I’m a lifer I ain’t goin no where. Told ya since day one I had to wife ya. Show the world that I just wanna love ya, girl I don’t wanna fight ya, yeah you’re the only one for me (0.50)

You did it! You got married! You just committed yourself to this person for the rest of your life! There is no one else you’d rather spend your life with, or be dancing in the spotlight with than the love if your life.

Whatever we go through girl we’re family, there’s nothing we can’t do, can we tether through the weather, got us better than before. We just gotta learn how to stay here, build on the love we made here (1:38)

You signed the marriage certificate, and now you’re officially family. You are better together, and together you can take on any challenges that are thrown your way. You make each day better than the one before, and the love you have for each other grows stronger, and that is definitely something to celebrate!

I believe I ain’t me without you, walkin out in that white dress, life without you is lifeless, I’m your man and you my lady (1:59)

Your relationship has strengthened over the years, and you can’t even picture your life without your new husband of wife. Life without that person isn’t a life you want to live. You are one person joined together in love, and you look ah-mazing in that white dress!

The twists and turns sometimes the love can hurt ya, sometimes it burns, the wait ain’t always perfect. We’ll just keep diggin in, dig our feet into the dirt and get back to us (2:40)

Everyday isn’t going to be a grande frap with whip and caramel drizzle. Some days you’re going to have a bad day, or maybe it’s a bad month, or a bad year, but you’re going to bite down and push through it together. Everyday isn’t perfect, but this day is! You are twirling around the dance floor surrounded by your closest friends and family (and a photographer and videographer to capture the memories for you), and days like this, well get you through the bad ones. Even through the bad times, love and dedication will get you back to your kick ass selves!


And just like that another song is done, and we have fallen in love with another first dance song! Hopefully you loved our suggestion! We’d love to hear from you. If you love (or hate) our suggestion, or have one of your own, let us know in the comments. TGIF and see you next week!

Originally posted: October 14, 2016


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