First Dance Friday: Not Just on Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas not only means snow, endless carols, and twinkling lights, it can also mean weddings! And while picking a first dance song can be stressful enough, imagine combining that decision with the addition of a Christmas theme.

Well that is why you have us! For First Dance Friday, for those who are new to the fam, is a place for you to find your dream first dance song. We choose a new song every week and break down all the reasons we love it. And for the month of December, we are incorporating the Christmas spirit to our selections.

So ho ho ho and away we go!

This weeks Christmas selection is Not Just on Christmas by Ariana Grande. You obvi know who she is, and don’t need us to explain how great she is, and we know you are busy with shopping and baking (and of course planning), so let’s not waste any time.

I’ll love you, till I die boy, every day of my life (0:11)

You just made promises in your vows to love each other regardless of what comes your way. This song puts a fun holiday spin on the same promises. Your love has brought you to this moment today where you finally became husband and wife (eek!) and it will take you through every day of your life.

I celebrate you, baby, I adore you, not just on Christmas (0:18)

This wedding is an extreme gesture to show your love for one another and celebrate with your family and friends. When your wedding day comes to an end, that doesn’t mean that the feelings end too. The feelings you have for each other will continue to grow stronger and stronger even when the wedding is over.

Baby, weather rain or shine, naughty or nice, I’m by your side (1:26)

In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer you promise to love each other. Through the good times and the bad, you’re there. And whether you are on Santa’s nice list, or naughty list (please no details), you love each other and are always there for support.

This song is able to capture some of the most important wedding vows, and add a fun holiday twist to them, and the end result is Ariana Grande, Christmas, and your wedding. Sounds like a pretty amazing combination! Your first dance song doesn’t have to follow traditions, you ca tie in your theme, whatever it may be, and still have a song that is meaningful to you.

We hope that you enjoyed our selection this week, and even if you don’t use it for your first dance song, we hope it helped boost your holiday spirit. If you know someone who has used this song, or have another suggestion for us, let us know in the comments.


Originally posted: December 9, 2016


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