First Dance Friday: Perfect Storm

We know there are Black Friday deals everywhere and you need to balance Pinteresting the perfect gifts with the perfect wedding, so we will keep the introductions short and sweet and get right down to business.

For our hand picked song this week we are  is Perfect Storm by Brad Paisley. Brad Paisley is a country music superstar who has sold 12 million albums, is a member of the Grand Ol Opry, and has won numerous awards. He is extremely talented, and will be the perfect addition to your wedding day!

Take a listen for yourself and we’re sure you’ll agree!

And she destroys me in that tshirt. And I love her so much it hurts (1:02)

I’m sure you’ve heard your boo say this to you before, but you never listen (yes I know we are guilty of not listening at times too, but you didn’t hear us say that). You look more beautiful sitting at home when you have already taken your makeup off and are wearing his tshirt. Of course you look beautiful on your wedding day sharing the dance floor with the love of your life, but that’s not the person he fell in love with, he fell in love with the oversized shirt and messy bun.

I know how to make her laugh, or blush or mad at me. But that’s okay, there ain’t nobody more beautiful angry (1:44)

No one knows how to push your buttons to piss you off, or be able to cheer you up in the simplest ways. That shows the depth of your relationship. Just a look or a sound can change it all. Sometimes he might just make you mad because he thinks you look cute, which for the sake of the song we will say is cute, but we think there are better ways to achieve cuteness.

I love her just the way God made her, sunshine mixed with a little hurricane (2:09)

You are perfect just the way you are! Of course you have flaws, everybody does, and that is what makes you special and unique, and is part of the reason that person standing there loves you so much. You are a ray of sunshine, but you also know how to shake things up and keep your relationship interesting.

I never meant to fall like this, she don’t just rain she pours. That girl right there’s the perfect storm (2:32)

When you met your now husband (how weird is it to call him that), you probably had no idea you were going to end up here. You didn’t mean to fall so deeply in love with them, but you did, and he did, and now you’re here! You are the perfect combination of lovely and crazy (all the best ones are), and you are an amazing, unique woman because of it.

There you have it! Another first dance daydream has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed dancing with us, and can’t wait to see you again next week. If you have a suggestion for a future song for First Dance Friday let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy shopping, and be safe.


Originally posted: November 25, 2016


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