First Dance Friday: Say You Won’t Let Go

You guessed it, it’s Friday again! And Friday means a new song personally selected by us, for you. Please, please, hold your applause, it really was our pleasure! We know there are a lot of things going on in the world this week, but we are more than happy to distract you from real life (I mean adulting can be so hard sometimes) by allowing you a few minutes to fantasize about your wedding day, specifically your first dance. After a week like this, you deserve it! So get your virtual dancing shoes on, and lets go!

Our first dance selection for this week is Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. You may not recognize the name, and that’s because James Arthur is a British artist who won the season 9 of The X Factor.  Many major artists started out this way, like with a little band called One Direction, so we expect to see more of James Arthur in the future, and lucky you, you get to hear from him right now!

Now that you’ve had a chance to listen to the song, let us break down our favourite parts for you.

I wake you up with some breakfast in bed,  I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head. And I’ll take the kids to school wave them goodbye, and I’ll thank my lucky stars for that night (1:22)

Your wedding planning is probably consuming your life, and everything you do is about the wedding day, but that’s not the main event, that’s just the first event. Getting married isn’t just about the party, though of course that is a big part of it, it is about your life together. And what better way to think about your future together than starting with breakfast in bed and a kiss on your head! How sweet! Thanks future state bae!

And you look as beautiful as ever, and I swear that everyday you’ll get better (1:52)

You’re going to look so amazing on your wedding day (we can’t wait to see the pics), but you also look beautiful sitting in your yoga pants eating popcorn and reading this on your laptop (or phone, or tablet). And even when your wedding day is over, and the dress and veil are gone, you will still look beautiful to him more and more everyday. #allthefeels

And I want to stay with you until we’re grey and old, just say you won’t let go (2:17)

You love this person so much and you’ve only been together for a few years. Imagine how much you are going to love them when you have 5, 10, or 20 years of your lives spent together. You loved each other yesterday, you love each other today, and you are going to love each other when you have grey hair and stop caring about it.

I’m gonna love you until my lungs give out, I promise till death we part, like in our vows. So I wrote this song for you, now everybody knows, that it’s just you and me until we’re grey and old (2:43)

You made vows to each other, and they aren’t just words that you repeat, they are promises that you make to each other to stick together and be the best you can be for each other. You didn’t just make these promises with each other, you included your closest friends and family and now everyone has heard you proclaim your love for each other. You’re all in this together (insert High School Musical animated clapping)

And just like that, another song has come to an end. James Arthur and this song came out of no where and totally blindsided us in the feels. This song has such a great message, and would be perfect for your first dance. As always, let us know if you agree or disagree with our song choice, or if you have one of your own.


Originally posted: November 11, 2016


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