First Dance Friday: Someday at Christmas

Christmas is coming at us at lightening speed, and we couldn’t be more excited! But just because we are wearing Christmas socks and spending too much money in the mall doesn’t mean we have forgotten about wedding planning (not that we could if we tried).

For First Dance Friday for the month of December we are featuring Christmas songs to tie in the most magical season to your most magical day. And the result.. you guessed it.. magical!

The song we have chosen for this week comes from the uber talented Jackie Evancho. You may remember the name from when she was on America’s Got Talent when she was just 10 years old. This song is on her newest Christmas album which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Let’s not waste any time. Get yourself a warm drink and curl up by the fireplace and let the song play you into the spirit of the holiday.

When we have learned what Christmas is for, when we have found what life’s really worth, there’ll be peace on earth (0:59)

Just like Christmas isn’t about the gifts under the tree, a marriage isn’t about the wedding reception. There is a deeper meaning to both, and when we find out what that deeper message is, we will be better wives and people, and that goodness will spread to those around us. Every small act of love makes a difference during Christmas, and of course throughout your relationship.

Hate will be gone and love will prevail, someday a new world that we can start, with hope in every heart (3:11)

When we learned about opposites in school we learned that the opposite of up is down, the opposite of left is right, and the opposite of love is hate. If we all love more, then we can increase the amount of love in the world. And isn’t that what a wedding is all about? Sharing the love you have with each other and extrapolating that to all your friends and family. Love and happiness are contagious and can inspire others to live in the same way.

Someday all our dreams will come to be, someday in a world where men are free, maybe not in time for you and me, someday at Christmas time (3:31)

When you were a little girl, or maybe when you were a little older, you dreamed about your wedding day, and when you did, it felt like it was a whole lifetime away. But guess what? That day is here! That is a dream of yours that came true. And hopefully more and more of your dreams continue to come true throughout your life. But dreams don’t have to be impossible. You dreamed you would get married, and now you are! Christmas is a season of dreams, and getting married in this season is so special.

Not only was this song not a traditional first dance song, it also isn’t a traditional song. It isn’t a song about a dancing snowman or being in a marshmallow world (thought we love those songs too). It is a song of hope and inspiration to be better people and make a better world together. It is such a great message to have for anytime of the year, but especially during Christmas, and is perfect for weddings (which is obvi why we picked it!).

We hope this song inspired you and swept you away to daydream of your first dance. And if nothing else, we hope it helped get you into the Christmas spirit (in case all the snow didn’t do that already). As always we love to hear from you about this song, or for suggestions for future songs so leave a comment below.

Stay warm out there and wishing you the most holiday cheer!

Originally posted: December 16, 2016


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