First Dance Friday: Waiting for Christmas to come

Christmas is two days away, can you believe it? The snow and cold weather is here, and in a few short hours, the big man will be here too! While you are busy balancing shopping, work, and wedding planning, and adding in time to clean the snow off you car in between each step, you probably need some help along the way.

First Dance Friday is a segment that we started to present a new song to you each week to help you find your dream song. You got the guy, and the ring, let us help you with the rest! For the month of December our song selections have turned to the Christmas variety, like everything else this month. Although December may not be the most popular time to get married, it is already such a magical time, a wedding only amplifies that.

The song we have chosen for this week is Waiting for Christmas to Come by Johnny Reid. If you don’t know who he is, Johnny Reid has been around for 10 years and sold over a million albums. He is a top selling, award winning country music artist who grew up in the great white north of Canada!

Take a listen to the song, and then we will tell you all the reasons why we love it!

There’s a story being told that will never grow old (0:35)

Your wedding day is part of your love story that you are sharing with your friends and family members. It isn’t a story that is new, but it is unique to the two of you. Your love story is something that will never become old and grey, even when you do, because your love is changing and growing each day.

It’s a time full of happiness, a time to give, a time to not forget (1:46)

Just like Christmas, weddings are a time of happiness (and some tears, but happy ones). In both the Christmas seasons, and during weddings, we take time to remember friends and family members that may no longer be with us, and remember and cherish the memories we have made with our closest people. It is a time to spread love and happiness and a time to think of others.

For all the joy it brings, for the bells that it rings, for the sound of it’s pipes and it’s drums. For all the peace, hope and love that is spread around us, waiting for Christmas to come (2:15)

Christmas and weddings are of course times of extreme joy. They are time to celebrate and be surrounded by the people that we love. Both weddings and Christmas also have bells that ring: jingle bells, and wedding bells, and who doesn’t like the sound of either of those? These occasions are filled with hope and love not just for each other, but people have this wish for you, and you have it for each and every one of your guests. These emotions are contagious and always in abundant supply in the Christmas season. People wait all year for Christmas to come (we know we do over here! Starting to countdown to next Christmas already!) because of the joy and happiness it brings to everyone. When are you ever willing to stand in the longest line to buy something for someone else? And we are sure you have been waiting for your wedding day to come for some of the same reason (except that long line of course).

There are many common themes between Christmas and weddings. Hope. Joy, Love, Family. So combining the two of course makes sense and only amplifies these elements to make your Christmas season and wedding even more special.

We hope you enjoyed our selection this week, and even if you aren’t having a Christmas wedding, or you already found your dream song, that you followed along and felt all the feels along with us.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our Bride Tribe and we can’t wait to see what you got for Christmas on Instagram!


Originally posted: December 23, 2016


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