First Dance Friday: Wanna be that Song

Happy New Year lovelies! We hope the holiday season was everything you wanted it to be. The holidays are a busy time for everyone and as sad as we are that they are over, we appreciate this time where we get to reset and get back to normal.

Even though it was the holidays, we didn’t stop blogging. If you didn’t get a chance to read about our favourite weddings of 2016 or a recap of First Dance Friday, this cold weather is the perfect time to curl up with a blanket and catch up on everything you missed!

In continuing with getting back into the swing of things, we are still here for you every Friday with a new suggestion of a first dance song for you on your wedding. The song we’ve chosen this week is Wanna Be That Song by Brett Eldridge. Brett Eldridge is an american country singer and has been releasing number one songs since 2012. This song is perfect for any country music loving bride (and as you can tell from some of our previously suggested songs, we love country too).

I wanna be that song that gets you high, makes you dance, makes you fall (1:08)

You have heard the saying before that the feeling you get when you see the waiter coming with your food at a restaurant, that’s the feeling you should have when you see your bae walk in the room. And if you don’t go to restaurants very often, or that feeling doesn’t happen to you (if it doesn’t we probably need to talk later about what you’re ordering, because it doesn’t sound like you’re doing it right), the equivalent feeling is hearing your favourite song. Maybe your favourite song makes you want to dance. Makes you happy, or makes you sad. But however it makes you feel, the ability to change how your feeling instantly doesn’t only happen with food, or music, it happens with that person you’re dancing with right now!

Wanna be those words that fill you up, pull your windows down and keeps you young, makes you believe you’re right where you belong, I wanna be that song (1:22)

You are with someone that you’re going to grow old with, but they also keep you young and free. You were made for each other. The love you have for each other has brought you on a journey that right now is headed towards your wedding, and will keep going and growing every day after that too.

When you’re searching the horizon, when your eyes look back, when you’re standing in the moment, every life has a soundtrack (2:57)

The soundtrack is so a crucial part of a movie. In any pivotal scenes in a movie, the music plays such a big role. That is the same in your life. Maybe you remember the song that was playing in the car when you were on your first date, or maybe music played a part in your proposal. Choosing a first dance song has so much importance on your wedding day because it’s the first time you are dancing together as husband and wife and starting your life together as a married couple. But that’s why you have us to give you lost of options to make sure you add the perfect song to your soundtrack together (you’re welcome!)

This song is full of emotion and the devotion is so powerful. A song has the power to evoke powerful emotions, it can make you feel joy, it can make you feel sadness, and it can make you feel love. Marriage is so similar. Together you will feel joy, sadness, and always love. This song reminds us about all these things, and that you want to be that home base for your person. You want to be the person that can make their day better, and the person who loves them more and more everyday no matter what. They are the sprinkles on top of your ice cream sundae.

Just like that the first week of 2017 has flew by us. We hope you liked the song we chose for this week. Let us know in the comments what you think, or if you have a song of your own to suggest. Have a friend who needs a first dance song too? Let her know where to find us! Stay warm and happy planning.


Originally posted: January 6, 2017


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