A Kate Spade Love Story

Who doesn’t love Kate Spade? A bride of ours loves all things Kate Spade, and decided to incorporate these sparkly details into her engagement party.

Kate Spade is all about colour and sparkle we were able to tie in these elements in their decor and it turned out great!

Let’s start with their favours.

Love is spicy…

 Love is sweet

These fun party favours incorporate a little something for every guest.. some people like savoury, some people like sugar.. and they made sure they had something for everyone.

When you think of Kate Spade, you think cute quotes, and glitter. What happens when you combine them? Decor magic!

A simple framed quote captures the the essence of Kate Spade so effortlessly. This sign on the corner of the bar carries the theme to this part of the hall that can be easily forgotten about when planning your decor. Placing this beside some striped paper straws brings shows a well thought out and executed theme, and looks super cute!

Adding small decor elements to the bar, like this polka dot canvas quote are nearly effortless ways to decorate the bar and brings Kate Spade to the bar for some eye candy while your guests get their bubbly and cocktails.

And we can’t forget about the guest book. What better way to guarantee your guests sign your guest book and to keep with your theme than to buy a Kate Spade New York guest book. The white and black are classic and neutral to be able to be used with any colour palette. Did you notice those polka dots on the first page there? And the diamond on the top of the pen.. no detail left out.

Sequin table cloths are amazing, but can sometimes get caught on guests clothes, so leaving it on one main table is a safe way to include this trend at your event.

Now to the backdrop and stage. Shimmering white is the base of this design with pink, teal and gold accents. The white provides the base and the shimmer brings back that Kate Spade element of glitter. The pops of colour bring in the fun and boldness of the theme while still looking crisp and classy.

When picking a theme for your event, you have to think both of the big picture and the small details of your decor. A theme like Kate Spade with bright colours and glitter can easily get out of hand and instead of an engagement party, it looks like your throwing a birthday party. But that’s not what we did here. The small details of the gold and pink paper straws, the pink glitter framed quote incorporate the essence of the theme in subtle but impactful ways.

Backdrop and stage design: Ricco Decor

Photography: EI Photography

Planning: Pop Fizz Clink Weddings and Events


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