A Kate Spade Love Story

Who doesn’t love Kate Spade? A bride of ours loves all things Kate Spade, and decided to incorporate these sparkly details into her engagement party.

Kate Spade is all about colour and sparkle we were able to tie in these elements in their decor and it turned out great!

Let’s start with their favours.

Love is spicy…

 Love is sweet

These fun party favours incorporate a little something for every guest.. some people like savoury, some people like sugar.. and they made sure they had something for everyone.

When you think of Kate Spade, you think cute quotes, and glitter. What happens when you combine them? Decor magic!

A simple framed quote captures the the essence of Kate Spade so effortlessly. This sign on the corner of the bar carries the theme to this part of the hall that can be easily forgotten about when planning your decor. Placing this beside some striped paper straws brings shows a well thought out and executed theme, and looks super cute!

Adding small decor elements to the bar, like this polka dot canvas quote are nearly effortless ways to decorate the bar and brings Kate Spade to the bar for some eye candy while your guests get their bubbly and cocktails.

And we can’t forget about the guest book. What better way to guarantee your guests sign your guest book and to keep with your theme than to buy a Kate Spade New York guest book. The white and black are classic and neutral to be able to be used with any colour palette. Did you notice those polka dots on the first page there? And the diamond on the top of the pen.. no detail left out.

Sequin table cloths are amazing, but can sometimes get caught on guests clothes, so leaving it on one main table is a safe way to include this trend at your event.

Now to the backdrop and stage. Shimmering white is the base of this design with pink, teal and gold accents. The white provides the base and the shimmer brings back that Kate Spade element of glitter. The pops of colour bring in the fun and boldness of the theme while still looking crisp and classy.

When picking a theme for your event, you have to think both of the big picture and the small details of your decor. A theme like Kate Spade with bright colours and glitter can easily get out of hand and instead of an engagement party, it looks like your throwing a birthday party. But that’s not what we did here. The small details of the gold and pink paper straws, the pink glitter framed quote incorporate the essence of the theme in subtle but impactful ways.

Backdrop and stage design: Ricco Decor

Photography: EI Photography

Planning: Pop Fizz Clink Weddings and Events


First Dance Friday: Can’t Help Falling in Love

Guess what? It’s Friday again! The weather is crazy and so many people are getting sick, but hopefully you’re pulling through and dealing with post-Christmas winter.

A new year brings a lot of changes, but one thing that isn’t changing is our weekly love song suggestions that we send from our heart and speakers to yours.

The song this week or your listening pleasure comes to you from Ingrid Michaelson.  She is a singer and songwriter from the US famous for her unique sound of folk and pop music. You may recognize her voice from the song Keep Breathing that was featured in the episode of Grey’s Anatomy when Cristina doesn’t marry Burke.. ugh what a sad episode that was. It still gets us all choked up.

The song we have chosen is an update to a classic love song. The song was released in the early 60s by the iconic Elvis Presley. This is an update to that iconic song that keeps the sentimentality of the song, but with a fresh twist with Michaelson’s beautiful voice.

Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you. Shall I stay, would it be a sin if I can’t help falling in love with you (0:08)

Love at first sight is a topic that can have some polarizing opinions. People are always cautious and try to protect their friends or family if they think a new relationship is moving too quickly. But sometimes when you know you know, you know? You can’t help who you love, and you also can’t help the speed the feelings you have develop.

Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling so it goes, some things are meant to be (1:03)

Birds are meant to fly, fish are meant to swim, and you and your fiance are meant to be together. There are some things in life you are just meant to do, and we believe love is one of those things. Just as the the sun rises and the rain brings a rainbow, you are meant to love this person. It’s nature and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

So take my hand, and take my whole life too. Cause I can’t help falling in love with you (1:20)

You use a phrase like ‘take my hand’ when you are trying to help someone and you are taking their hand either literally or figuratively. But for you on your wedding day, this would mean to take your hand in marriage. Hands are a very important part of our lives, they hold a lot of meaning and can tell a lot about a person. You shake hands to introduce yourself or show respect, you clap them to show appreciation, you hold them to show love.

This song is a classic, but we have put an original twist on it with a new voice to sing to you. This song is simple but impactful. One voice, one melody with the piano, and one message- love. Sometimes its good to go back to the classics, they are classics for a reason, but to find a way to personalize them. Maybe your parents or grandparents loved this song, so by using a song like this you are paying tribute to them but in your own way. Tradition and family are important elements in weddings and relationships as a whole, so finding ways to honour those are very special to us.

Thanks for joining us for another week of First Dance Friday. Did you love our suggestion or have one of your own? Let us know in the comments.


Originally posted: January 13, 2017

First Dance Friday: Wanna be that Song

Happy New Year lovelies! We hope the holiday season was everything you wanted it to be. The holidays are a busy time for everyone and as sad as we are that they are over, we appreciate this time where we get to reset and get back to normal.

Even though it was the holidays, we didn’t stop blogging. If you didn’t get a chance to read about our favourite weddings of 2016 or a recap of First Dance Friday, this cold weather is the perfect time to curl up with a blanket and catch up on everything you missed!

In continuing with getting back into the swing of things, we are still here for you every Friday with a new suggestion of a first dance song for you on your wedding. The song we’ve chosen this week is Wanna Be That Song by Brett Eldridge. Brett Eldridge is an american country singer and has been releasing number one songs since 2012. This song is perfect for any country music loving bride (and as you can tell from some of our previously suggested songs, we love country too).

I wanna be that song that gets you high, makes you dance, makes you fall (1:08)

You have heard the saying before that the feeling you get when you see the waiter coming with your food at a restaurant, that’s the feeling you should have when you see your bae walk in the room. And if you don’t go to restaurants very often, or that feeling doesn’t happen to you (if it doesn’t we probably need to talk later about what you’re ordering, because it doesn’t sound like you’re doing it right), the equivalent feeling is hearing your favourite song. Maybe your favourite song makes you want to dance. Makes you happy, or makes you sad. But however it makes you feel, the ability to change how your feeling instantly doesn’t only happen with food, or music, it happens with that person you’re dancing with right now!

Wanna be those words that fill you up, pull your windows down and keeps you young, makes you believe you’re right where you belong, I wanna be that song (1:22)

You are with someone that you’re going to grow old with, but they also keep you young and free. You were made for each other. The love you have for each other has brought you on a journey that right now is headed towards your wedding, and will keep going and growing every day after that too.

When you’re searching the horizon, when your eyes look back, when you’re standing in the moment, every life has a soundtrack (2:57)

The soundtrack is so a crucial part of a movie. In any pivotal scenes in a movie, the music plays such a big role. That is the same in your life. Maybe you remember the song that was playing in the car when you were on your first date, or maybe music played a part in your proposal. Choosing a first dance song has so much importance on your wedding day because it’s the first time you are dancing together as husband and wife and starting your life together as a married couple. But that’s why you have us to give you lost of options to make sure you add the perfect song to your soundtrack together (you’re welcome!)

This song is full of emotion and the devotion is so powerful. A song has the power to evoke powerful emotions, it can make you feel joy, it can make you feel sadness, and it can make you feel love. Marriage is so similar. Together you will feel joy, sadness, and always love. This song reminds us about all these things, and that you want to be that home base for your person. You want to be the person that can make their day better, and the person who loves them more and more everyday no matter what. They are the sprinkles on top of your ice cream sundae.

Just like that the first week of 2017 has flew by us. We hope you liked the song we chose for this week. Let us know in the comments what you think, or if you have a song of your own to suggest. Have a friend who needs a first dance song too? Let her know where to find us! Stay warm and happy planning.


Originally posted: January 6, 2017

Celebrity weddings with all the feels from 2016

2016. What a year right?! Another year older, another Christmas, and now another New Years Eve in your own history books (and on Instagram). 2016 also blessed us with lots of celebrity weddings and we are going to show you our favourites!

Whitney Carson and Carson McAllister

Whitney Carson from Dancing with the Stars kicked off the 2016 celebrity weddings when she got married to her high school sweetheart on New Years Day. They look like they got married in a winter wonderland.

 (Photo from People Magazine)

Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick

To all the fans of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, this was a wedding you could not miss (on social media of course). They looked as amazing as we could have expected when Morgan and Brendan got married in June.

 (Photo from People Magazine)

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson

2016 was a big year for Michael Phelps. He has a neck-full of medals from the olympics, had a baby, and got married! They legally got married in June, but then waited a few months before celebrating with friends and family in Cabo. They look so happy!!

 (Photo from E News)

Ciara and Russell Wilson

All our princess dreams came true when we saw Ciara’s dress.. and she got married in a castle. I mean talk about #goals. The two got married in July and we have been obsessing over their wedding ever since!

 (Image from Ciara’s Instagram account)

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson

It was a busy year for Dancing with the Stars stars with alumni Robert Herjavec, famous for his life as a shark on Shark Tank married pro Kym Johnson. Being paired together on Dancing with the Stars turned into total happiness for both of them. You can see it all over their faces.

 (Photo from People Magazine)

Kevin Hart and and Eniko Parrish

Our favourite comedian got married in August and we can’t handle how gorgeous they are together. I mean these are #couplegoals right here. They are stunning we are almost speechless, and that is hard to do!

(Photo from People Magazine)

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin

Quite possibly the cutest couple to get married in 2016. To our Pitch Perfect fans out there, our favourite couple got married in September and they are so beautiful together we can hardly believe it. But aca-believe it. Aca-scuse us while we wipe the tears of joy from our eyes.

 (Picture from US Magazine)

Zosia Mamet and Evan Jonigkeit

In October our girl Shosh from HBO Girls got married. And in style that is true to her, she didn’t get married in a white dress, but instead rocked a black dress for her wedding. They both look super gorge! Love these two!

(Picture from Self)

Mark Ballas and BC Jean

One of our faves from Dancing with the Stars got married in November. This super talented dancer is also starring on Broadway in Jersey Boys and a member of the duo Alexander Jean with his wife BC Jean. How stunning are they? And a carousel in their wedding pictures? Is this a dream? If it is we don’t want to wake up.

(Picture from People Magazine)

Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan

Another couple got married in November. Our girl Audrina from The Hills married Corey Bohan, a BMX rider in Hawaii. They both look stunning, not that we would expect anything less. This is what wedding dreams are made of.

(Photo from Popsugar)

Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerly

Earlier in December the inspo for everyone’s halloween costume this year Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad got married! She is sure to give us wedding inspo too once more of her pictures are available. Here is a pic of her ring from her Instagram account. Gotta love Margot!

 (Photo from Margot Robbie’s Instagram account)

Troian Bellisario and Patrick Adams

Another December wedding to close out the year, Troian Bellisario star of Pretty Little Liars got married to Patrick Adams from Suits. Their wedding was unique and so special. They used the hashtag #fortday because years before they first spent time together in a fort Patrick made in his apartment. It became a tradition, and what better way to marry your best friend than to have a fort day with all of them?  Love these two and their relationship.

 (Photo from Ashley Benson’s Instagram)

2016 gave us so many gifts with these celebrity weddings and we can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us. Which wedding was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Wishing you love and happiness in 2017. Happy new year!

First Dance Friday: A Year in Review

Just like that it is the last Friday of December, the last Friday of the year, and the last First Dance Friday post for 2016. What a year it has been! You got engaged, some of your friends probably got engaged. Weddings are being talked about all the time, and we couldn’t be happier!

A few months ago we started First Dance Fridays, which is a blog series we started to help you find the perfect song for your first dance (pretty nice of us to do that isn’t it?. You’re welcome). Every week we select a new song, let you listen to it, and then tell you all the reasons we think it is the perfect song for you.

In the spirit of the end of the year, and keeping in tradition of reviewing 2016 as it quickly comes to a close, we are going to review our song selections from 2016. So get comfy, grab yourself a drink and prepare your mental dance moves. Here we go!

From the Ground Up 

This song by Dan and Shay is perfect for all our country loving brides, but it ins’t your traditional country song. This song is about love, and how your lives will evolve together after the wedding. This is one of our faves!

Still Falling for You

This song from Ellie Goulding was featured in the Bridget Jones’s Baby soundtrack. So in addition to hearing a great song, you get to see some shots of McDreamy from Greys.. I mean, do you need any other reason to listen to it?

Over and Over Again

This song is a duet showing both sides of a love story sung by Nathan Skyes and Ariana Grande. There are two love stories being told in this song, just like there are two love stories in your relationship. This emotion filled song will be sure to give you all the wedding feels.

Die a Happy Man

Another country song, we can’t help it. Those country singers are easy on the eyes and always give us the goods. This song was written by Thomas Rhett for his wife, so it must be a good one! A guitar and Rhett’s voice are the perfect recipe for an amazing first dance song.


Love on the Brain

A switch from the country songs, Love on the Brain is from Riri on her Anti album. This song is powerful, raw, and full of emotion. It isn’t your traditional first dance song, but that’s why we’re here, to give you suggestions that aren’t on every other blog.



We couldn’t stay away from country for that long. One week was all we could handle. Lifer is a song from the new Florida Georgia Line album. This country duo serenades you talking about your relationship and about how he is in it for the long run and showing the world how much he loves you. Super sweet right?!

You and Me

This song is a duo of P!nk and Dallas Green. Powerhouse combo right?! This folk inspired song is raw and emotional and unique. What more could you ask for? This is another one of our faves, and we think it will be yours too.


No, this song isn’t about asking a celebrity for their autograph, we wouldn’t play you like that. This song from our fellow Canadian Dallas Smith is a song about wanting to change your last name and how lucky he is to have you… aww! But if you’ve chosen not to change your last name, this isn’t the perfect match for you, but you can still listen to it anyway!

This Town

To all the One Direction fans out there, this one’s for you. Niall Horan probably invaded your heart with his boy band charm and obvi his accent, but if that didn’t work on you, maybe this song will.  “If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you”. Are those not the perfect lyrics for your first dance song? You’re welcome!

Say You Won’t Let Go 

A man, a guitar, a love story. Do you need more convincing than that? This song is heartfelt, full of emotion, and he wants to stay with you until you’re grey and old.. super sweet! There are promises of breakfast in bed, and a kiss on your head. I mean this guy has a talent for getting us right in the feels.

You are my Sunshine

You probably remember this song from when you were a kid, but believe us, you wouldn’t even think it was the same song. A country superstar you may have heard of Chris Stapleton, and his wife sing this song with so much emotion, and being married of course helps because the feelings are authentic. And Chris Stapleton even has the lyrics engraved in his wedding band.

Perfect Storm

Surprise surprise. Another country song. But they really do make for perfect first dance songs. Perfect Storm by Brad Paisley is no exception. This song is about how much you and your soon to be husband know each other and how deep your connection is. He knows how crazy you are (you know you are, it’s okay), and he loves you even more because of it!

Love is Christmas

We decided to choose some Christmas songs for the month of December. Christmas themed weddings are not the most popular, but are so magical. And as you can imagine, it can be hard to find a Christmas song that isn’t Rudolph. But we did it so you didn’t have to. It combines the Christmas spirit with a lovely voice and message of true love. The perfect combo for our December brides!


Not Just on Christmas

Another Christmas song and another song by Ariana Grande on our list. This song adds a fun holiday twist to traditional vows. In sickness and in health, or naught or nice.. interchangeable right?


Someday at Christmas

Just as Christmas isn’t about the gifts under the tree, a marriage isn’t about the wedding reception. Jackie Evancho reminds us that there is a deeper meaning to both of these things. She reminds us to hope, to be better everyday and to dream!

 Waiting for Christmas

This song is from another Canadian, Johhny Reid. This song highlights the similarities between weddings and Christmas. There is hope, love, joy, family. They are both times to spend with the people closest to you, and to remind them how important they are to you. They are times to spread joy and love.

As you can see we had a pretty busy year finding the perfect song for you. We hope we have helped you find it! If you have chosen one of our songs, we’d love to hear about it. Already have your song picked out? We are totally proud of you for choosing a song, even if it didn’t come from us, but feel free to share our blog with someone still searching. Have we not hit the nail on the head yet for you? Don’t worry, we will be back in 2017 with more songs for you! Have a suggestion that you want us to feature? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you have enjoyed our musical journey to the perfect first dance song so far. We loved searching for songs and sharing them with you. A first dance is something that is so special, and we want to do anything we can to make sure it is as magical as you want it to be.

Have a safe and happy new year. See you in 2017.


Originally posted: December 30, 2016

First Dance Friday: Waiting for Christmas to come

Christmas is two days away, can you believe it? The snow and cold weather is here, and in a few short hours, the big man will be here too! While you are busy balancing shopping, work, and wedding planning, and adding in time to clean the snow off you car in between each step, you probably need some help along the way.

First Dance Friday is a segment that we started to present a new song to you each week to help you find your dream song. You got the guy, and the ring, let us help you with the rest! For the month of December our song selections have turned to the Christmas variety, like everything else this month. Although December may not be the most popular time to get married, it is already such a magical time, a wedding only amplifies that.

The song we have chosen for this week is Waiting for Christmas to Come by Johnny Reid. If you don’t know who he is, Johnny Reid has been around for 10 years and sold over a million albums. He is a top selling, award winning country music artist who grew up in the great white north of Canada!

Take a listen to the song, and then we will tell you all the reasons why we love it!

There’s a story being told that will never grow old (0:35)

Your wedding day is part of your love story that you are sharing with your friends and family members. It isn’t a story that is new, but it is unique to the two of you. Your love story is something that will never become old and grey, even when you do, because your love is changing and growing each day.

It’s a time full of happiness, a time to give, a time to not forget (1:46)

Just like Christmas, weddings are a time of happiness (and some tears, but happy ones). In both the Christmas seasons, and during weddings, we take time to remember friends and family members that may no longer be with us, and remember and cherish the memories we have made with our closest people. It is a time to spread love and happiness and a time to think of others.

For all the joy it brings, for the bells that it rings, for the sound of it’s pipes and it’s drums. For all the peace, hope and love that is spread around us, waiting for Christmas to come (2:15)

Christmas and weddings are of course times of extreme joy. They are time to celebrate and be surrounded by the people that we love. Both weddings and Christmas also have bells that ring: jingle bells, and wedding bells, and who doesn’t like the sound of either of those? These occasions are filled with hope and love not just for each other, but people have this wish for you, and you have it for each and every one of your guests. These emotions are contagious and always in abundant supply in the Christmas season. People wait all year for Christmas to come (we know we do over here! Starting to countdown to next Christmas already!) because of the joy and happiness it brings to everyone. When are you ever willing to stand in the longest line to buy something for someone else? And we are sure you have been waiting for your wedding day to come for some of the same reason (except that long line of course).

There are many common themes between Christmas and weddings. Hope. Joy, Love, Family. So combining the two of course makes sense and only amplifies these elements to make your Christmas season and wedding even more special.

We hope you enjoyed our selection this week, and even if you aren’t having a Christmas wedding, or you already found your dream song, that you followed along and felt all the feels along with us.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our Bride Tribe and we can’t wait to see what you got for Christmas on Instagram!


Originally posted: December 23, 2016

First Dance Friday: Someday at Christmas

Christmas is coming at us at lightening speed, and we couldn’t be more excited! But just because we are wearing Christmas socks and spending too much money in the mall doesn’t mean we have forgotten about wedding planning (not that we could if we tried).

For First Dance Friday for the month of December we are featuring Christmas songs to tie in the most magical season to your most magical day. And the result.. you guessed it.. magical!

The song we have chosen for this week comes from the uber talented Jackie Evancho. You may remember the name from when she was on America’s Got Talent when she was just 10 years old. This song is on her newest Christmas album which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Let’s not waste any time. Get yourself a warm drink and curl up by the fireplace and let the song play you into the spirit of the holiday.

When we have learned what Christmas is for, when we have found what life’s really worth, there’ll be peace on earth (0:59)

Just like Christmas isn’t about the gifts under the tree, a marriage isn’t about the wedding reception. There is a deeper meaning to both, and when we find out what that deeper message is, we will be better wives and people, and that goodness will spread to those around us. Every small act of love makes a difference during Christmas, and of course throughout your relationship.

Hate will be gone and love will prevail, someday a new world that we can start, with hope in every heart (3:11)

When we learned about opposites in school we learned that the opposite of up is down, the opposite of left is right, and the opposite of love is hate. If we all love more, then we can increase the amount of love in the world. And isn’t that what a wedding is all about? Sharing the love you have with each other and extrapolating that to all your friends and family. Love and happiness are contagious and can inspire others to live in the same way.

Someday all our dreams will come to be, someday in a world where men are free, maybe not in time for you and me, someday at Christmas time (3:31)

When you were a little girl, or maybe when you were a little older, you dreamed about your wedding day, and when you did, it felt like it was a whole lifetime away. But guess what? That day is here! That is a dream of yours that came true. And hopefully more and more of your dreams continue to come true throughout your life. But dreams don’t have to be impossible. You dreamed you would get married, and now you are! Christmas is a season of dreams, and getting married in this season is so special.

Not only was this song not a traditional first dance song, it also isn’t a traditional song. It isn’t a song about a dancing snowman or being in a marshmallow world (thought we love those songs too). It is a song of hope and inspiration to be better people and make a better world together. It is such a great message to have for anytime of the year, but especially during Christmas, and is perfect for weddings (which is obvi why we picked it!).

We hope this song inspired you and swept you away to daydream of your first dance. And if nothing else, we hope it helped get you into the Christmas spirit (in case all the snow didn’t do that already). As always we love to hear from you about this song, or for suggestions for future songs so leave a comment below.

Stay warm out there and wishing you the most holiday cheer!

Originally posted: December 16, 2016

First Dance Friday: Not Just on Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas not only means snow, endless carols, and twinkling lights, it can also mean weddings! And while picking a first dance song can be stressful enough, imagine combining that decision with the addition of a Christmas theme.

Well that is why you have us! For First Dance Friday, for those who are new to the fam, is a place for you to find your dream first dance song. We choose a new song every week and break down all the reasons we love it. And for the month of December, we are incorporating the Christmas spirit to our selections.

So ho ho ho and away we go!

This weeks Christmas selection is Not Just on Christmas by Ariana Grande. You obvi know who she is, and don’t need us to explain how great she is, and we know you are busy with shopping and baking (and of course planning), so let’s not waste any time.

I’ll love you, till I die boy, every day of my life (0:11)

You just made promises in your vows to love each other regardless of what comes your way. This song puts a fun holiday spin on the same promises. Your love has brought you to this moment today where you finally became husband and wife (eek!) and it will take you through every day of your life.

I celebrate you, baby, I adore you, not just on Christmas (0:18)

This wedding is an extreme gesture to show your love for one another and celebrate with your family and friends. When your wedding day comes to an end, that doesn’t mean that the feelings end too. The feelings you have for each other will continue to grow stronger and stronger even when the wedding is over.

Baby, weather rain or shine, naughty or nice, I’m by your side (1:26)

In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer you promise to love each other. Through the good times and the bad, you’re there. And whether you are on Santa’s nice list, or naughty list (please no details), you love each other and are always there for support.

This song is able to capture some of the most important wedding vows, and add a fun holiday twist to them, and the end result is Ariana Grande, Christmas, and your wedding. Sounds like a pretty amazing combination! Your first dance song doesn’t have to follow traditions, you ca tie in your theme, whatever it may be, and still have a song that is meaningful to you.

We hope that you enjoyed our selection this week, and even if you don’t use it for your first dance song, we hope it helped boost your holiday spirit. If you know someone who has used this song, or have another suggestion for us, let us know in the comments.


Originally posted: December 9, 2016

2017 Pantone Colour of the Year

In 2016 Pantone introduced two colours for the first time together, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Together these colours combine the balance of warm rose, and the tranquility of the cool blue that creates a feeling of peace and compassion. This colour combination in weddings creates romance and unity of the two colours together.

But that was 2016.

The colour that Pantone has chosen for 2017 is.. drum roll please… Greenery.

This colour is symbolic of spring and new beginnings. It is a return to nature, and is nature’s own neutral colour. Aside from references to spring, Greenery also is a colour that is life-affirming, vitality, and the pursuit of personal passions.

So what does this have to do with weddings?

It doesn’t have to mean anything to you, but you can expect to see more of this colour in wedding magazines and on Pinterest and other social media accounts with people sharing pictures that include this greenery colour. You can expect to see this green colour incorporated in ties, bridesmaids dresses, wedding cakes, sweet tables… the possibilities are endless.

If this colour speaks to you the way glitter speaks to us, add greenery to whatever your heart dreams up. If it’s not your thing, no need to panic, you can keep your colours (who said you follow the trends anyway right?), and go on your married way (see what we did there?)

Originally posted: December 8, 2016

First Dance Friday: Love is Christmas

Just like that it’s December. Can you believe it? Just a few more weeks and it’s Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year! For the month of December we’re going to take a turn in our song selection and highlight songs that are perfect for a first dance for a Christmas wedding. Although it isn’t the most popular time to get married, it is such a magical, love filled season, and December brides need songs too!

But don’t worry, we aren’t going to suggest that your first dance to be Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or Jingle Bells, we are still selecting a song that has the meaning of love, that can be a representation of your relationship, and now, be in the Christmas spirit!

The song we have chosen for you today is Love is Christmas by Sara Bareilles. Sara Bareillis has sold over a million albums and is best known for her single Love Song. Her music is piano based and has a unique voice that makes all of her music even more special.

Go ahead and take a listen and get into the Christmasey wedding spirit with us!

Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it. Love is simply joy that I’m home (0:28)

Love is not something that you can buy at Walmart or Toys R Us. You can’t wrap it and put a bow on it. It’s just like the Grinch says “it came without boxes or tags”. Love is a feeling you have when you’re together, and it is so important to remember at this time of year, and for everyday.

I don’t care if the carpet’s stained we’ve got food upon our table (0:42)

The Christmas season is one filled with visits from friends and family members. Between working, Christmas shopping and wedding planning, cleaning may not be at the top of your priority list. It doesn’t matter if everything isn’t perfect because you are so fortunate to have a place to live and friends and family that love you. Your wedding day will be filled with so much love and that is something to be thankful for.

Love is who we are, and no season can contain it (0:55)

When Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that the feelings of gratitude and love are tucked away under the stairs until next year. Once your wedding day is over, it also doesn’t mean that those feelings are packed away with the cards and the guestbook. Love is at the centre of who you are together and it lasts all year!

Let love lead us, love is Christmas (2:55)

Love has led you to this point in your relationship, and will continue to take you on new adventures together. Love brought you together and kept you together, and just like in the vows you are writing, it will keep you together for the rest of your lives. Love is the foundation of your relationship, and it is the foundation of Christmas. You wouldn’t spend all that time and money on people you didn’t love.

All we need is your best my love, that’s all anyone ever wanted (1:58)

No one person is perfect, and no love is perfect. All that you are asking for in this new stage of your relationship is to be the best people you can be and love each other in the best way you know how.

See, we told you it wasn’t going to be a sing a long Christmas song that you’ve heard a hundred times. Christmas songs can combine the spirit of the season with the heart felt meaning that we want in a first dance song.

Are you, or someone you know getting married around Christmas? We’d love to hear if you love our song selection, or if you chose a different Christmas first dance song. Let us know in the comments! Thanks for dancing along with us. Until next time.


Originally posted: December 2, 2016