First Dance Friday: Faith

It’s okay babe, you can put the umbrella down.  If you’re like us, you’ve been clutching to your umbrella like your fave lip gloss and we all deserve a break.

What better way to unwind after a long, waterlogged week than with wedding fantasies! And day dreaming about your first dance is just what you need.


The song we have chosen for you this week comes from Sleeping at Last. You probably know them from your favourite scenes from Twilight (don’t lie you loved those movies), but if you lived under a rock and didn’t watch any of them (read obsessed over them), don’t worry, you’re not at that much of a disadvantage (other than the epic love triangle of Bella, Edward, and Jacob… seriously just go watch it).

Sleeping at Last has amazing songs for weddings because of their beautiful instrumental music and romantic voices.

Before this river becomes an ocean before you throw my heart back on the floor. Oh baby I reconsider my foolish notion I need someone to hold me (1:55) 

As you have discovered throughout all your relationships, if there is an issue that you don’t address or resolve, it will continue to surface and cause more or bigger problems. When there is someone that you love as much as you love this handsome person on the dance floor with you, you want to solve any problems you encounter as soon as they’ve come to your attention to squash them. When you have open and honest conversation, you can talk through and work out small things before they become big snowball issues. Everyone has issues, it’s how you work through and resolve them that make for the best and strongest relationships.


I gotta have faith, I gotta have faith (3:10)

As much as you can contribute to the honest and open conversations you have, you need to have faith in your partner that they are being open and honest with you too. We have a tendency of assuming the worst of others, but there is no one you should try the hardest to flip this around than with that special person in your life. We need to treat each other with love and have faith that they are treating you the same way. You guys obviously love each other, that’s what brought you two love birds together to where you are on the dance floor today, so you need to remember to act on that love each and every day.

We assume that once you heard the first chorus you knew what this song was, but it has been totally transformed to a song that is perfect for your first dance. The soft voice and the instrumental elements are the perfect blend for the first dance of your dreams.

We hope you enjoyed our song selection and you got to fantasize, even for a few minutes that you weren’t hiding inside from the rain and that you were on your wedding day surrounded by love and dancing with the man of your dreams. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and as always feel free to share.

Until next time bride tribe. Cheers!



Originally posted May 5, 2017


First Dance Friday: In Case You Didn’t Know

Did you feel like it was a little easier to get out of bed this morning? It’s warmer outside, the sun is out longer, and it’s Friday!! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to swing by and check on us, it’s always better when you’re here!


Here at Pop Fizz Clink Weddings and Events, we have been waiting all week to share another first dance song with you. There are so many magical moments during your wedding day, but for a few minutes, the spotlight is literally on you and your new husband (eek!) and that is such a special moment so we want to help you get it right!

The song we have hand selected for you this week is from country star Brett Young. He is a bit of a newbie on the country scene, but his is going to be a name you remember. Like so many country songs we have already featured on our blog (if you’ve missed them, you can catch up here) this is a song explains love in a way that can be hard to do. It is genuine, and thoughtful, and presented by a great voice, which is the perfect recipe for a first dance song.

In case you didn’t know, baby I’m crazy bout you. I would be lieing if i said that I could live this life with you (0:51)

With all the craziness of wedding planning, and even of every day life, sometimes you take the ones you love the most for granted. It is easy to get caught up in other things and not take the time to appreciate the people that mean the most to you. We need to remember that even on the busiest of days, we need to take time to say thank you, and say I love you, especially to your one and only now husband. You know you couldn’t live without them, and they know that too, but sometimes they need to hear you say it.


Even though I don’t tell you all the time, you had my heart a long long time ago in case you didn’t know (1:04)

You have been through a lot with this person. From first being strangers, to dating, then falling in love, to marriage. Weather that took you 6 days, 6 months, or 6 years, the love you have for each other is strong and brought you to this point where you are today. When you first started dating, telling each other how you feel was a big deal, but as time went on, you just assumed they knew how you felt, and even though you still meant it, you didn’t say it as often. But just in case you didn’t know, they love you, more than anything in the world.


You’ve got all of me, I belong to you. You’re my everything (2:31)

You are deeply in love, and though it can be hard to explain how love feels, there are certain things that you can explain. You know it makes you complete. The love you have and the love you receive make you feel whole. You give everything you are and everything you have to this person, and they do the same thing right back at ya. You would do anything for the person you love most, and everything is better when they’re around. These may be simple phrases, that can be overplayed in songs on the radio, but the feelings behind them are true, and that’s all that matters.

So in case you didn’t know, this is a great song, and would be perfect for your first dance.. see what we did there? Huh? Huh? Okay, we’re being totally corny, but it’s true, this song has a great message about love that is true and deep and unquestionable and never ending. This song gives a message of strong, everlasting love that can get you through anything, and is a great way to introduce yourselves to the world.

We hope you enjoyed this song and the first dance day dream as much as we did. Are you planning to use this song, or know a bride who would love it? Feel free to share, and let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you.

Until next week love birds. Cheers!



Originally posted April 28, 2017

First Dance Friday: Gold All over the Ground

Hello gorgeous! We are so excited to see you. We have passed Easter and that means Spring is actually on its way, which means no more jackets (unless they are a part of your outfit, then you do you boo). It also means warm weather, and wedding season!!

If you are a bride, or just love weddings, you are in the right place. We are here to bring you the freshest first dance songs to make sure you make the best introduction of your newly married self into the world. You can thank us later.


The first dance song we have chosen for you today comes from an artist we’ve brought to you before; the one and only Brad Paisley.  You may remember our post Today or Perfect Storm. If you don’t remember these posts or you have only joined us recently, go take a listen, you won’t regret it.

Brad Paisley is a very talented country artists and has a special way of explaining love and relationships, which has made so many of his songs perfect for weddings. You loved “Today”, and “Perfect Storm”, and you will love “Gold all over the ground” too!

If you’re ever down I’d give you rows of roses and gold all over the ground (1:19)

When you are sad or upset, there is no one who knows how to cheer you up better than this wonderful human being dancing with you right now. Maybe its not roses that would cheer you up, maybe its chocolate, or ice cream, or an extra large pizza.. whatever it is, he knows, and he would go to the ends of the world to make you happy.


I’d bundle you in kindness until you cling to me. We’d sit beneath straw branches, my arms would twine around (1:41)

Maybe you’re walking and holding hands, or snuggling while watching tv, everything is better when you’re together. Even simple things like sitting outside under a tree is better when you’re together. This song emphasizes how even the simplest of gestures are enhanced when they are done by the person you love most in the world.

I’d turn your green to emerald, and your skies full of diamonds, and give you gold all over the ground (2:44)

They would do anything to make you happy, and that is something that you knew before your wedding day, but it never hurts to be reminded of the endless love they have for you. They make the ordinary things in life better. They make colours brighter, flavours bolder, and the simple magical. A sky can be full of stars, or full of diamonds… both images filled with the magic of true love. A night at home in front of the tv can be boring when you’re alone, or it can be a date night filled with love and laughter. Love fills people with optimism and brings optimism into the world.


We told you this song wouldn’t disappoint. There are no words that this man sings that we don’t love. Explaining love can be hard, and this is something you already know if you’ve ever tried to sit down and write your own vows, but Brad Paisley does it with such compassion and the right amount of flare. The perfect first dance song if we do say so ourselves.

We hope you loved our song choice this week as much as we did. Maybe you will use it for yourself, or share it with a friend. Thank you for joining us this week to dream up this first dance fantasy with us, it’s been a pleasure.

Until next time darlings. Cheers!



Originally posted April 21, 2017

First Dance Friday: Speak to a Girl

Hello gorgeous! We hope you are coping with the crazy changes in weather we’ve been having. It’s a new month, it’s about to get warmer, and the beginning of wedddding seasonnnn!!!! We are a little excited, can you tell?


If you are a bride planning her wedding, or just love weddings, you are in the right place! We are here on another Friday to help you find the perfect first dance song. Your first dance is your introduction to your friends and family (and on social media) as a freshly married couple. That can be an intimidating thought, but that’s what we’re here for. We got you babe!

The song we have chosen for this week comes from the powerhouse couple of country music Timand Faith.  They have been married for over a decade and making music both together and on their own. When they write a love song, you know it’s going to be authentic and meaningful, and hit you right in the wedding feels.. so let’s get to it shall we?

She don’t really care how you spend your money it’s all how you treat her (0:18)

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have, those aren’t at the foundation of your relationship, and not why you’re getting married. The things that are important is how you treat each other and the love you have for each other. The respect and love you have for each other is what has brought you to this huge moment in your lives and will continue to be the base of your relationship even after the dance is over.


She wants you to mean what you say and mean everything that you’re saying (0:37)

It’s great to hear someone say that they love or respect you, but it means nothing if they don’t show it in their actions. If someone says that they love you, you need to see it and feel it everyday in their actions, and in your interactions together. Honesty is at the core of your relationship and is part of what makes you the kick ass couple that you are.


She just wants to feel that you’re real that she’s near to the man inside (1:39)

When you first met you bae, maybe you thought they were someone totally different than they turned out to be. That’s why people say you can’t judge a book by its cover. We enter new relationships with our own idea of who they are and who we will be with them, but as you get to know each other more and your relationship starts to develop, you get to know who is hiding deep down and who they truly are, and also learn more about yourself.


That’s how you get with a lady that’s worth more than anything in your whole world (2:15)

If you follow all the steps being serenaded to you in this song by the drool-worthy Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, then you are well on your way to happily ever after. And if your main squeeze says that you are worth more to him than anything in the world, you need to send over some of his friends, or a brother. When you have a relationship that is rooted in mutual respect and drowning with love, you are sure to be just as happy and in love as Tim and Faith. And we could all be so lucky!

Ta da! Just like that we have been on a whirlwind tour around the dance floor being coated in love by country sweethearts Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The immense amount of love they have for each other is infectious and this cascades to everyone around. We twirl around our imaginary dance floor with their great love story.

That’s all we have for you this week. We will see you here next week for another love song. Bring your friends, we’d love to meet them and make their first dance dreams come true too.

Cheers babes!



Originally posted April 7, 2017

First Dance Friday: No Regrets

Hello gorgeous!! Thanks for spending time with us today. It’s spring, and it’s Friday, and it’s the beginning of wedding season!! So we are overjoyed to be with you today even if its just for a few minutes.


As you know, we love Fridays not only for it’s dashing weekend qualities, but because it gives us a chance to day dream about weddings, and our favourite part, the first dance. A first dance sets the stage, literally, for you and your new husband (eek), to introduce yourselves to the world as a married couple! You need to make a good first impression, and that’s why we’re here. We select songs that you won’t find on every other blog post. We pick unique songs that you may or may not have heard of, but will be perfect for you.

So let’s not waste any precious Friday time, let’s get to it.

This week, our song selection comes from a band you are probably familiar with.. Magic! They are famous for Rude which you of course know at least some of the words for (we’re not judging, we know them too). You loved that chart topping song, and you will love this one too!

We’ve both made a little mess, nothing our two hearts can’t put back (0:20)

Whatever issue or complication that may come your way in the future, you can get through it together. There isn’t anything you can’t work through if you do it together with love. The love you have for each other is strong and can help you through the toughest times. You can conquer the world holding each other’s hands.


I’ll never love you less (0:25)

You will never love this person any less than you do right now. Somehow, you love this person more and more every day. It is hard to explain, and it’s not measurable, but the love between you is growing more and more everyday. Your wedding is the display of your love and dedication to each other as you share this day with your friends and family. But the love doesn’t end here. It will continue to grow and change as you live your lives together.


Before we lose everything we have tomorrow, can we forget what went wrong yesterday, darling… We’ll start over fresh, living a life with no regrets (2:14)

You can’t be happy in your lives together if you are always fixated on the past. There were some bumps in the road on your journey to where you are today, all relationships have them. But you can’t be focused on the past, you need to look to the love you have today, and be lucky that you will have even more of it tomorrow. When you said your vows and sealed the deal with a kiss, you are starting a new chapters of your lives together. This is day one of the rest of your lives together.

We could have them serenade us all day, their voices are so dreamy! This is a perfect song for couples that are reintroducing themselves to the world on their wedding day and starting over with a clean slate. Everything and nothing changes on your wedding day, and starting your life together with no regrets sounds like a great motto to us.

We hope you enjoyed our song selection this week, and even if you don’t choose this song for your own first dance, we hope you enjoyed imaginary dancing with us, spinning in a lovely circle of perfect wedding fantasies and being twirled in the spotlight of love.. that happened for us anyway.

Until next time lovelies… cheers!



Originally posted March 31, 2017

First Dance Friday: Perfect

It’s FRRIIDDAAYYYY! We have sunglasses on (and our winter coats but we’ll deal with that for now), and we couldn’t be happier it’s Friday. It’s the start of the weekend, and we get to see you!


So by now you know the drill. Friday. Great song. First dance day dreams. We got you covered! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then go get yourself acquainted with our previous posts so you can join in the fun too!

As long as you don’t live under a rock, you know Ed Sheeran has made a huge comeback on radio charts and all the other music related charts. And you would also know that his new cd Divide just came out last week. It’s totally amazing! And that is where this week’s song comes from.

If you haven’t heard the song Perfect yet, you can listen to it now! And if you have heard it and know all the words, you can still listen to it, we understand.

I found a girl, beautiful and sweet. I never knew you were the someone waiting for me (0:18)

How lucky are you that you found someone who is so in love with you. That they are so lucky that you picked them. When you are a kid you create an imaginary future for yourself from the people that you know and the movies you watch, and you mash all those things up and make this idea in your head. That mashed up someone is waiting for you somewhere in the world, and you just have to let fate bring you together. Maybe it’s at work, or the grocery store, or an online dating app. But then one day, the someone who is waiting for you has a name, and now you’re marrying them!

Dancing in the dark, with you between my arms (1:06)

Here you are, on your wedding day. The lights are down. The spotlight is on you. You are surround by your family and friends. Your whole world is in that room with you, and in your arms is the person that you love the most, that you just married! How crazy! Anyone have a tissue?


Darling just hold my hand, be my girl I’ll be your man. I see my future in your eyes (2:26)

Hands have a significant meaning in our lives. When we are little, our parents hold our hands to hold us up and help us walk. When we are older, we hold hands with our boyfriends on a date. Then your world changes when he places a ring on your hand. And then, on your wedding day, you exchange rings to again be worn on your hand. Holding your hand is a powerful gesture, yet one that is so simple. It can have such deep meaning and comes from a place of love and protection. You can do anything while holding hands and doing it together.


When I saw you in that dress looking so beautiful I don’t deserve this darling you look perfect tonight (2:59)

Other than the mashup perfect person you created in your head, you probably also dreamed about your wedding dress. Maybe its a princess ball gown, or maybe its a lace mermaid, or maybe it’s a colourful dress. But it’s something that is important for you to get right to do that justice for yourself. After all the hard work of trying on dresses, selecting (and paying) for one, and then the alterations, it’s finally your wedding day.  You finally get to see the look on your almost husband’s face when you take that first step down the aisle in the dress that is perfect for you. You’re going to look so amazing! We can’t wait to see you in that dress, and neither can anyone else. Your wedding day will be perfect because you are perfect for each other.

Great song right? We love Ed Sheeran. This would be the perfect song for your first dance to introduce yourselves to your friends, family, and to social media, as husband and wife. We hope you liked our suggestion for this week. Are you planning to use it for your first dance or know a bride who would love this song? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share.

Until next time lovelies.. cheers!



Originally posted March 10, 2017

First Dance Friday: Love

Well well well. Look what day it is again! Another week has come and gone, and if you are planning a wedding, you may feel like your week has been as crazy as the weather we’ve been having. But don’t sweat, beautiful Friday is here again, and we are here to spend it with you!


Why do we love Fridays so much? Well other than being the end of the work week and time to sleep in binge Netflix (because we don’t do that during the week.. right?), it’s time for a new first dance song! The first dance is one of our favourite parts of a wedding, and we want to make sure you make it perfect!

The song we have chosen for you this week is from the one and only Lana Del Rey. You know her from her amazing songs Summertime Sadness and Young and Beautiful (one of our all time favs), and this song is sure to become a favourite too.

Okay okay we don’t want to make you wait any longer, listen along with us.

It’s enough to be young and in love (1:15)

In the midst of your wedding planning it is easy to compare your self and your wedding plans to your friends, or your family, or to Instagram and Pinterest. It is an easy trap to fall into, it happens to the best of us. But you need to take a step back, catch your breath and know that you are enough. It’s enough to be in love and have that be evident to your guests instead of the details that you are stressing about. We aren’t saying that the details aren’t important, but we just want to remind you that you are enough!


Seen so much you could get the blues but that don’t mean that you should abuse it. Though its enough to make you go crazy (1:47) 

It is easy to get lost in all the terrible things that are happening in the world. There are bad things happening in different countries, and in our own backyards. On a less serious note, there are elements of your wedding that are causing you stress. Before you know it, you can be absorbed in the drama and the issues (though we hope you aren’t having any), and you can be sucked in. You need to remember the good and the love in each other and remind yourself why you are planning a wedding at all. It is to share the love you have for each other with your friends and family and have them share in the commitment you are making to each other. Make sure there is balance in your life and don’t drive yourself crazy with things that are out of your control.



I get ready I get all dressed up to go no where in particular. Doesn’t matter if I’m not enough for the future or the things to come because I’m young and in love( 3:34)

Sometimes you get dressed up, do your hair and makeup but have no where to go, and you do it for yourself because you want to. There are other times where you are in your Roots pants, with your hair in a ponytail and been asked by Netflix if you are still watching more than once (we know you’re guilty, we are too!). There is more than one side of you, and that’s what makes you unique. You do you! Sometimes you are a fierce confident woman (slay), and other times you are self-conscious or insecure, and that’s okay too. You need to live in the moment and not worry (too much) about the things in the future you can’t control. You are young and in love, and right now, that’s what you need to focus on and be proud of.

Pretty great right? We love Lana! And we hope you loved this song suggestion as much as we did. Are you planning to use this song for your first dance, or know a bride this song would be perfect for? Let us know in the comments and as always feel free to share the love.

Until next week love birds. Cheers!



Originally posted March 3, 2017

First Dance Friday: God, Your Mama, and Me

We are more excited than opening a new lip gloss that it’s finally Friday again! And not only is it a Friday of a short week, we have an extra special song for you today!


The song you are about to hear is country (no surprise there by now), it also features the BACKSTREET BOYS!!!! Breathe, breathe. It’s okay. This is not a drill.

What better way to song to have for your first dance at your wedding than a song sung by your first imaginary husband. Don’t lie, you were once Mrs. Nick Carter in your 90’s fantasies.

But joking aside (only for a few minutes we promise), this song would be a wonderful first dance song, and it only makes it better that it is performed by Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys.  Since these artists don’t need any introduction, let’s get down, get down (and move it all around).

My love is never gonna run dry, never gonna come up empty. Now until the day I die, unconditionally (1:01)

Love can be a complicated feeling to explain, which you already know if you’ve tried to write your own vows. It may be hard to put into words the meaning it has for your and in your relationship, but one thing you can easily explain is that you will never stop loving them, and the love you have will never run out. The love you have will never disappoint you or come up short. Instead, it will be growing stronger everyday and always be available in abundance.


You know I’m always gonna be here for you, no one’s gonna love you more than God, your mama, and me, unconditionally (1:14)

When you have a great day, a terrible day, or an okay average day, there is always the same person you are going home to, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You have never loved anyone as much as you love this person sharing the dance floor with you, and they feel the same way. You are lucky to have each other! There are only a few people in the world that you love this much, God, your mom (and your dad too, but we think that just didn’t sound catchy enough for the song), and that person in your embrace on the dance floor. What more could you ask for?


Every step you take I’ll be as sure as your shadow, every move you make you know I’m part of you wherever you go (2:34)

Just as sure as the sun will shine, rain will fall, and a shadow will follow you as you walk outside, their love will be there. Love can be a safety net when you fall, and your loudest applause when you succeed. From this day forward, every decision you make and every choice you make, you make together as a couple, rooted in love.

See, we told you it wasn’t all smoke and mirrors in the pretty picture of the Backstreet Boys, it is a genuinely great song in general, and for your first dance song. It is a song about the abundance of love you have for each other, and how you promise each other that each and everyday, that love is going to grow stronger and never let you down, but rather surprise you with it’s strength. Your love has no limits or conditions. There are no circumstances or excuses, only endless love.

Did this song exceed your expectations, or come up short? Hopefully it at least sparked your inner 90s boyband superfan. Did we just find your first dance song? Or maybe it’s perfect for your friend. Let us know in the comment, and feel free to share.

We will see you next week. And until then we will be missing you and doing dramatic boy band hand gestures.




Originally posted February 24, 2017

First Dance Friday: What the World Needs Now

Hello lovelies! We hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day and you didn’t eat too much chocolate (if you did, that’s okay too). Did you manage to sneak a date night into the middle of the week? It makes the week go by so much faster, and just like that it’s Friday again, and that means time for a new song!


Have you guys seen that President’s Choice #EatTogether commercial? The one where they all eat in that hallway? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will get to see what we are talking about in just a minute. It’s really sweet! And you may be wondering why we are talking about a commercial.. this is the song that’s playing in the background. The commercial is about bringing people together in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, and nothing brings people together like food can. The proceeds from the song purchases go to PC Children’s Charity.. so you are doing good by downloading it too! It’s a win-win.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love (0:41)

Surely no one would deny that we need more love in the world. We are not naive enough to say that it would solve all the problems we may have, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt. Your wedding day is helping our love drought, even if it’s just a little. You are showing your friends, and family, (and your social media base) how much love you have for each other by committing yourselves to each other.


It’s the only thing there’s just too little of (0:47)

In the song, she sings about not needing another mountain or a hill, because we have enough of those. We have roads to drive on, we have nature to explore, but what we need from each other is love. If we acted with love first, and not with hate or prejudice, we would assume the best in people, and hopefully, more often than not, be right.


No not just for some, but for everyone (0:58)

Everyone is born into different circumstances. Different parents, different countries, different religions. But the one thing that shouldn’t be different is love. Love isn’t a privilege that should be only be available for some, it should be available, in abundance for everyone.

Didn’t that give you all sorts of feels to make you want to be a better person? It doesn’t have to be a huge change, it can be smiling to a stranger, or letting someone go ahead of you in line. Love is something that you have so much of, you don’t even know how to explain it, and that makes you incredibly lucky. On your wedding day, when you are standing on the dance floor, you will not only be dancing with the one you love, you will also be standing in a room full of it.

We hope you enjoyed our selection for this week, and even if you choose not to use this song for your first dance, we hope that you purchase it and help out someone in need. Love is a feeling that can be seen in the smallest of actions but can have the largest impacts.

Until next week lovebirds. Cheers!



Originally posted February 17, 2017

First Dance Friday: Beauty and the Beast

We can’t even wait for you to finish reading the title of this post for us to tell you how excited we are to finally feature this song.

Calling all Disney Princess brides, this one’s for you.


If you’re anything like us you have been (un)patiently waiting for March 17th and the live action Beauty and the Beast to finally hit theatres. You have watched all the trailers (more than once obvi), and you will be there opening weekend to watch the movie. If this sounds like you (we really hope it does), then you are going to be attractively drooling over this one.

You know the classic version of Beauty and the Beast and it’s perfect, we admit. But if there was any way to improve it, it’s by adding Ariana Grande and John Legend.

 Feel free to listen to this song as many times as you want and continue on when you’re ready, we understand.

Tale as old as time, true as it can be (0:13)

Nothing beats a good love story, you know that from the books you read and the movies you watch. Girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, girl marries boy. The structure is the same but the details are what makes them special. Your love story is unique, just like the two of you.


Just a little change, small to say the least, both a little scared neither one prepared (0:37)

After your wedding day, in the grand scheme of things, most things will be the same. You will still be the same person, you will still be deeply in love. The only difference is that now you’re married! Changing from Miss to Mrs is a huge deal, but it is also a small change in your life. It is a major milestone in your relationship and your life, but not a lot changes for you. It makes sense to be scared or nervous because you can plan out every minute of your wedding day, but you can’t plan out every minute of you day. You can’t predict the future or know what obstacles you may face, but you will be facing them as a united front and will get through it together. Together is a great place to be!


Ever just the same, ever a surprise, ever as before, and ever just as sure that the sun will rise (0:57)

The love you have is the same as it was yesterday, only stronger, and will be the same tomorrow, only stronger. Your love is predicable and also full of surprises. It is the kiss on the top of your head, and a special treat just because. Just as you know that another day will come, you know that your person will be there to love you just the way you are and a little bit more each day.

 This song is literally what wedding song dreams are made of. John Legend, Ariana Grande and Beauty and the Beast is a match made in a magical world only Disney can create. This song is truly timeless as a 2017 remake has proven to us and will continue to be a classic song for all Disney and wedding dreamers alike.

We hope you enjoyed this song as much as we did and that it helps bridge the gap until the movie comes out. Are you planning to use this song for your wedding? Let us know in the comments. Have a friend that is missing out on this blog? Feel free to share!

Sending you heart eye emojis until next week.





Originally posted February 10, 2017